Becoming a social worker

Interested in becoming a social worker but not sure where to start? This page will help you identify your options.

I don’t have a degree or any qualifications in Social Care.

For some people, a good place to start is going to college to study Social Care full time where you will also gain on the job experience through placements, before going on to study a Social Work Degree or Degree apprenticeship.

Examples of opportunities include: Oldham 6th Form’s vocational H&SC triple diploma, or Oldham College’s range and for adults interested in college courses click here.

Or, you can go directly to university to study for a Social Work BA degree full time and gain on the job experience through placements. There are several universities to choose from, for example: Manchester Metropolitan University , University of Salford. Oldham Children’s Social Care offers opportunities for several students to have placements with us.

Or, study whilst working full time in Social Care and gain on the job experience through placements. We offer the Social Work Degree apprenticeship; alongside paid employment as a Trainee Social Worker in our social care teams. We recruit to this via the greaterjobs website twice a year.

I have a degree, but not in Social Care.

Study social work full or part time: Social Work Master’s Degree at University of ManchesterManchester Metropolitan UniversityUniversity of Salford and these will also include on the job placements which can be with Oldham.

Or, study whilst working full time in Social Care and gain on the job experience through placements. There are two main options: Social Work Degree apprenticeship; orFrontline Masters. These differ in style and length of programme, criteria to qualify for the programme and how you are paid. Both are open to applications autumn 2022.

If you have a minimum of 6 months’ experience (paid or voluntary) working with children, then another option for your Social Work degree programme is: Step Up to Social Work Masters. The next cohort of applications will be Spring/summer 2023 for 2024 start.

I don’t have any qualifications

A good place to start is speaking to the Oldham lifelong learning team who can discuss taking the first step.

I am a qualified Social Worker but my registration as a social worker has lapsed.

We are keen to support people returning to Social Work and can facilitate placement experience required to support re-registration.

See more details of the support we can offer:

I am a qualified Social Worker, registered with Social Work England

Our jobs are advertised on the greaterjobs website. If you would like a conversation with us before applying to explore the options within Oldham, please do get in touch via

Still not sure the best path for you?

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