Chief Executive

The Chief Executive has overall responsibility for Council employees, and operates in conjunction with department heads.

Our Chief Executive is Dr Carolyn Wilkins OBE.

Follow her on Twitter @CWilkinsOldham

Executive Management Team

The Executive Management Team comprises Oldham Council’s most senior officers.

EMT provides managerial leadership of the Council and supports Elected Members of the Council in:

  • Developing strategies
  • Identifying and planning resources
  • Delivering plans
  • Reviewing the Authority’s effectiveness with the overall objective of delivering a co-operative future where everyone does their bit to create a confident and ambitious borough

The team works together to achieve the most effective services possible for the Borough’s diverse communities.

It also ensures that Oldham plays a full part in national, regional and sub-regional activities.

EMT Members

  • Dr Carolyn Wilkins OBE: Chief Executive and Accountable Officer for Oldham CCG
  • Helen Lockwood: Deputy Chief Executive
  • Rebekah Sutcliffe: Strategic Director of Reform
  • Mark Warren: Managing Director Community Services and Adult Social Scare (DASS)
  • Merlin Joseph: Interim Director of Children’s Services
  • Mike Barker: Strategic Director Commissioning / Chief Operating Officer